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I want your cock." She shook in his grasp from pure lust. He let her go, and started unbuckling his jeans. "On your knees, bitch," he barked. She did...'t hesitate. She dropped to her knees and looked up at him. His thick cock sprang out in front of her. She tried to reach for it, but he slapped her hand away. With one hand, he gripped her hair hard, and with the other, he slowly guided his dick across her lips. Jessica moaned in desperation, trying to inch forward, but he yanked her back by her. She laughed and took out on from her handbag; it was a female condom which she uses with toys and some fruits. She told me this after the session and I tried to put my dick in her vagina with great pain I was inside but after I got my dick deeper it was smooth inside. I usually masturbate with my dick skin closed and I put my dick inside the same was I don’t know why. She was trying to move up and down but I said no and pulled my dick out and asked her if she could wait for few days for that. Do you want me to turn off some lights?” she asked. Why did I say that?! “That would be great, thanks!” he replied. Rhea went over and dimmed the lights. She turned to look at John sprawled on the rug, cushions tucked below him. She sat across him, unsure of what to do. The lights weren’t bright enough for her to read, and she didn’t want to risk lying in his presence. “You sure you wanna just sit in the corner like that? Why don’t you lie down for sometime as well? We’d be able to work. But several of the instructors took a liking to the young man. As it turns out, the ones who wanted him to join us were all female, but that didn't occur to the rest of us at the time. He was successfully voted in to begin his training at the Tower."His instructors told me he was quick to grasp even the most complex of spells. He was a powerful force in the ways of magic, and he quickly outgrew anything we could or would teach him. One of his instructors got into a fierce argument with Maygis.

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