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“Tharki (pervert) saala,” I told Arjun as we continued to walk without responding to Taran’s question. Ever since that fucking tailor suggested ...y mother wear those low cut blouses, her huge exposed cleavage was attracting many sexual predators.This Taran was one of them. I didn’t realize this at first. He was selling us vegetables at a lower rate as a condolence after my father passed away. At times he was kind enough to deliver the vegetables at home in the evening. But slowly a pattern. He’s a helluva guy and he could have had himself a healthy woman and one way better looking than me,” said Flo. “I’m just grateful that he did what he did, and not for me so much as for my children. They need me. I was okay with dying as was he. But, I was mortally afraid of what would happen to my children without me. But, the each of us is good now, and hoping to live long lives.”“Together?” said Victoria, putting it out there.“We’re good friends. Will it go any farther than friendship? I’m. He didn’t realize how serious it was for sometime. He thought she was trying to act up.’ The officer turned to the man, struggling to keep the distaste he obviously felt out of his demeanor. ‘Is that correct, Mr. McCrae?’ ‘Yeah,’ the slurred words came out. ‘She’s always falling. I didn’t know nothin’ was wrong.’ Pat looked Sam in the eyes. The detective shook his head, indicating he knew the whole story was crap. She turned to the ME, ‘Doctor?’ she asked formally. ‘No,’ he flatly replied.. It isn't natural that a girl like me doesn't have a husband, a steady boyfriend or at least date. To keep up appearances I think I should go out on a date at least once a month. If I only date each guy one time that will keep things quiet for at least a year. By then was should have our finances in order and then I can get engaged to you, quit my job and we can get on with our lives."Again, I wasn't too keen on it, but I saw the wisdom in it. Besides, I expected to have the money problems.

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