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Since it had been so long since i last got laid i put in a dismal performance and blew so quick i was embarrased. she didn't care, she just grabbed my...hand and shoved it up her pussy, and it wasn't long before i was hard again. this time i bent her over the side of the spa and fucked her stunning pussy from behind. this time was a bit better and i lasted long enough to get a decent scream out of her. after dumping another decent load in her we sat back and had some beers we found in the fridge.. You will feel like you are being choked and spit and tears will appear. It is ok, just relax and stay focused. Now open your mouth. She opened her mouth and started to take me in. At first she stayed on the first two inches, when all of a sudden I grabbed the back of her head and slammed it down on all seven inches. As I held her head, she started to push away when I told her Relax and open your throat and everything will be ok. As she slowly relaxed, the gagging subsided and she was finally. Always there to tell the creeps to back off. So I got out on the dance floor and started shaking my ass , as usual. The table of gawkers started to hoot and holler, that just made me move to the music more, grinding the air and really getting into it. A few times they tried to approach me and when I made it clear I had no interest in them, the bouncers sat them back down. I just dropped my head, kept dancing and laughed. Then hubby motioned for me to come over and I strut off the dance floor. “A buzzard has a four-foot wingspan, where a golden eagle is six feet – same as my height, or even more.”“Oh.” Pause, “That’s big!”“It is. There are ospreys too, which are nearly as big, but lighter and look slimmer. There used to be a pair of golden eagles nesting north-west of here, by Haweswater, but the female died in 2004, and the male about twelve years later.”“That’s sad.”“Yes, it is.” We reached the boathouse and I unlocked the door and checked that the alarm had cancelled as it was.

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