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We were close and I looked upto him a lot. He's the only man who hasn't let me down. I found myself aching for him, willing him to come through the do...r. I must have dozed off because I woke to him sitting on the edge of my bed, stroking my hair. "Dad!!!" I woke up and started crying all over again. "Baby don't cry, what's happened? Talk to daddy"By now I was crying uncontrollably and couldn't get the words out. Where's your mum he said? she's gone to stay at aunts For a few days."Dad it's. “Yes, my princess. You can chop the salad.”“You’re funny, I’m not a princess. You haven’t called me that in years.”He had been so busy with his company; they really hadn’t been together much in several years. She loved the attention. He seemed so much more relaxed now. Before, he worked six and seven days a week, leaving early in the morning and returning late at night. He realized just how little he did see of her and Randy. No wonder she seemed grown-up. He had missed much of their lives!“Oh,. It was served from special platters that kept the food from floating about the room. It wasn't quite up to the standards usually enjoyed aboard the ship since only those personnel deemed absolutely vital to running the Calistoga had come on the mission. The culinary department-which normally consisted of ten members-was one such victim of personnel cuts. Responsibility for the meals consumed each day was now rotated among one of seven teams that had been formed by Commander Huffy. No person on. My face went bright red and I had to drop my head down and let my hair cover my face to hide my embarrassment. I couldn’t look at Dan! A rush of fear went right through me that I’d never be able to look my brother in the face again. My favorite person in the whole world, and I’d have to hide from him for the rest of my life. All the fizzy washed straight out of my brain as I tried to absorb the enormity of what I’d done.I stared down at my plate of breakfast art. I guess fear overcame the.

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