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We got the car park at the block where my sister in law lived both of us still naked from the waist down; we pulled up our clothing and made our way t... her house. As soon as we got in the door still in the hallway she turned to me and we kissed, My hands round her holding her arse and pulling her into me, semi erect cock against her pelvis. I then took hold of the bottom of her top and started to raise it, she held her arms up and I lifted it higher taking it off and exposing her tits in her. I told her to relax, to just take it. With one final flourish, she shoved at me hard enough to pull away, but only briefly. I pushed Mina back down on the coach, roughly parting her legs and crawling between them. I licked my fingers then reaching down to her pussy, I roughly rubbed my finger over her clit. Mina started to feel a dampness in response, she was becoming fearfull with the roughness. She was twisting trying to get up, I grabbed her hip with my other hand and pushed her harder onto. “Hey” I smile back.It’s a boring lesson, we whisper about silly things, but lesson wise it drags. About half way through the lesson, the teacher puts on a video, and proceeds to read a book. Em lowers her hand, onto my thigh. Blood instantly rushes to my prick; the warmth of her hand fills me. I look at her, then her hand, then back at her. Before I can say anything she kisses me. I’m slightly taken back but I kiss her as well. We don’t kiss for long, we don’t want to get in trouble by the. "Hey, Autumn! Ry-" I put my hand over his mouth, motioning for him not to call Ryan."In his room?" "Yes," he said from behind my hand. I patted him on the chest and thanked him as I headed down the short little hallway. I breathed deep, then slowly turned the doorknob. The quaint little room was completely dark, despite it being daytime. A six-foot-five, guy shaped lump laid in the middle of his bed. I smiled.. He was in med school, a real smart guy, and it wore him out, causing him to sleep.

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