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She sent back a flirtatious looking smiley and then we started talking about general things like the class and college. Then I asked her if she had a ...oyfriend. She said no. She also told me about how she used to be little more fat and how she did some dieting and still doesn’t think she is attractive. I told her she doesn’t have to do dieting anymore and that she is very attractive. She replied saying how I was the first guy to ever tell her she was beautiful. I replied saying that is the. My other hand is still slowly massaging your breast and nipples.**than you turn yourself arround and we start kissing very passionatly ...both very exited we let our tongues find each other with deep passion.we press our body's firmly against each other, and my hands gently squeeze your behind and i pull you very close against can feel how hard i did become, as my cock is pressing against the underside of your belly.i can feel your erect nipples pressing against my chest. and all this. " "Well..... You are the older sibling. You should be protecting us anyway." "Uggh fine but I swear if you girls go overboard like making me carry you places I will stop." "Deal. Now are you ready to have some fun?" She said as she started rubbing her dark brown hair across my bare chest. That put a smile on my face. I didn't see her lock the door when she came in but she did. I turned off the light so the blue glare of the tv shone on us.We wrapped our arms around eachother and got right to. I turned to her and we started dancing with our tongues together. Brenda then sat down in front of Cindy and said, “Cindy do me while he’s doing you.” Cindy dropped her head down and started lashing at Brenda’s pussy. I kept pounding Cindy as best as I could. I also took my right hand and ran it down Toni’s front underneath me till I found her pussy and started fingering her behind my back. Cindy started screaming again, “I’m gonna cum, Tom. Oh you’re making me cum!!! OHHHHH YESSSSSS!!!!!” as.

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