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Seth took the opportunity to find her in a drunken state and implant some subliminal suggestions. He blocked the desire for food as a safety blanket, ...nd gave her an urge to work out regularly. Other fake memories Seth implanted led had her convince herself that talking to a counselor would be useful. Not too long after Seth did that, Targa began getting the therapy that she desperately needed.Seth certainly felt that the assistance that he gave Targa was much more important that helping. Really. My cock went up her arse. I was just fucking her doggie style and pulled back to really ram it home and it came out. Instead of using my hand to guide it back into her cunt I just pushed and she was so wet that my cock went in the wrong hole.I guess I was so busy I didn't notice. I remember thinking, "Shit this feels good, she must have clamped her cunt on my cock". It felt good, I just hammered harder. I thought her screaming was just the sound of pleasure. Having a hand full of her. They seemed to be wearing Oxford College robes and conical hats."A little short for gnomes, aren't we?" he asked as the room came to attention. As every officer and concubine swung toward him, he realized what the conical hats read: "Dunce".Ah, he realized. A Confederacy of Dunces. He half-expected to discover soft drink bottles bearing the name of the long-defunct Dr. Nut scattered across the lab tables.He approached the bearded leader of this particular bunch of dunces, Lieutenant Payne. "I. What a fucking way to end my lifelong dream! So after I got done puking I poured some soda to get the nasty taste out of my mouth and I joined the two outside on the front porch to smoke. We had some small talk and they asked me if I was happy now. I responded heck yea, and I was ready for round two. My wife laughed and said maybe Sara doesn't want a round two. Sara giggled and said she was game since it had been over a year since she had gotten any!!! We finished smoking and then it was.

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