The elevator stopped. Forth floor. I let Gina to lead down the corridor and she lead me to room number 406. She touched the panel with her key-card an... the led turned green unlocking the door for us. We entered a nice room with a large bed and a small balcony with excellent view at the swimming pool. Gina turned in the middle of the room facing me. Once again I looked at her amazing dress! Black and tight underlining the shape of her body and specially her firm rounded breasts. I bet they were. I took the service elevator to the next to top floor and got out to hit the rooftop stairs. Dag told me how he got into the Condo when I was being held prisoner there. I understood the rules better this time. Rule number one: Don’t get caught. It seems like every rule is number one.I was prepared for the blast of cold wind that hit me when I emerged from the stairwell onto the rooftop. I immediately dropped to the ground on all fours. What I don’t need is to get blown off the roof to a. She carried my bags out to a long limo. She opened the trunk and threw in my luggage then unlocked the back door and held the door open for me. She surprised me when she followed me into the back of the car. She locked handcuffs behind my back then undressed me. She pulled off my pants and underwear then used a knife to cut my shirt off. She gathered up my cloths and got out. A guy across the street looked right at me and got quite a view before the woman closed the door. I watched as she. ---- I awoke with a splitting headache, what a hangover. Once again, I made the fatal mistake of mixing my drinks, I bet Paige didn’t feel much better. What did she say last night? Did she want to be treated like a kitty? That’s so funny. I decided to look it up, she said it was very common. Apparently, it was so common that a whole section was devoted to it on some porn site I had come across. I decided I would act. Even though I had never had sex with Paige, I would dominate her and make her.

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