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He thought he'd better remove the white satin robe, so that he didn't get any food stains on it. His mother would kill him, and the robe could not be ...idden. The red teddy was another matter. Steve thought, if push came to shove, he could ditch that, and she wouldn't even know that it was gone. So there he stood, in nothing but a sexy red teddy, and high heels, making lunch.Steve was so wrapped up in his preparation that he didn't even hear his father, John Thomas came in the front door.John. Wow, despite the fact that my Mom was 34-years-old, she was still a certifiable BABE! “Come on, slow poke, or you will miss your chance.”That was enough to wake me up, so I stripped in a hurry. Mom went through a demonstration of cunnilingus that cut some of the features short, but it was still enough for her to come. I didn’t, but I was concentrating on what I was doing and trying to learn enough to give Sue a good time when she showed up. I probably missed a number of the finer points, but I. She walked slowly staring at the interiors and busy thinking how she would approach the topic when she was suddenly startled by Lisa’s voice.“Oh, Ma’am, you haven’t worn the robe for the massage?” inquired Lisa pointing at the crimson robe that lay on a chair beside the table.“Oops! I almost forgot” replied Amy picking up the robe. Her eyes began to find the changing room. Sensing this, Lisa said,” I am afraid, this room doesn’t have a changing room so you’ll have to change right here Ma’am.”. I could see his manhood, inside his slacks, twitching to be set free. I could tell by the outline of his member inside his slacks that he was a good length, at least seven inches, and that would suit me just fine. I stopped before I unzipped his slacks. I looked at him and I asked the silent question, "Do you want this?" He framed my face in his hands and kissed me deeply. It seemed an eternity before I felt his hands on the snap of my jeans. He tugged it apart, and the zipper went down,.

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