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I didn’t know who it was. I could only sob, covered in mud and show my tools. I didn’t want to be helpless, but my mind was surrendering to it all... You can’t fight the world. ‘We’ll start with the jack,’ the man said, and took it from my hands. He was taller than me, that much I could tell. He moved confidently to the front as another dousing came from the clouds. I followed him, my sock trying to leave itself in the mud. ‘Stand away from the side in case it slips,’ he said as he kneeled into. They in turn presented me with one of their DVDs, and we watched many of their stable of singers and bands do pretty much the same thing that mine had. It gave me a good idea of their individual styles and ranges, which meant that I could tailor songs specifically for them, and that was one of the main points in me being there in the first place. All good then.Finally, we were through, and with promises of keeping each other in mind echoing between us, I made my way back to the hotel, my mind. Had Paul heard me on the phone?“Yes, I know women, always planning things to do. I’m not giving you next week’s allowance. So don’t, even, bother to ask.” Paul said. The only dominate part of Paul was his wallet and he took care of all the spending in the house. He had all the expenses, such as groceries, my clothing and even prepaid my gym annual membership. The bank sent the grocery store and clothing stores advance checks so I couldn’t use a charge account. Paul only gave me a few. ”“You’re arguing that saving lives is less important than freedom?”“In the general case, yes. It’s not the government’s job to protect me from ALL injury, and, in fact, not only can they not do it, the courts have ruled they have no legal obligation to do it, even when they appear to take on that obligation. To paraphrase the Founders - trading liberty for security is always a losing proposition. Americans used to believe that; they no longer do and our republic is in serious danger of.

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