"Well Helen and I have been discussinga few things lately" giving his brother a wink. "C'mon, don't beat around thebush Harry, just say what's on your...mind". "Ok, well its like this, John, Helenhas been surfing that damn internet, you know I have a hard time keeping heroff that darn computer. She stumbled on to some site that told about BDSM stuff,do you know what that is?" " I have heard of it, a little, but I am not surewhat it entails" says, John. " Well brother let me tell you, we have only. .and locked it. She returned to her seat and asked, "What can I do for you, Jun?" Ma'am, I am struggling writing my paper," Jun said. She was on an exchange to America for one year and although she excelled in English in Japan, she had learned that didn't necessarily cross over into America. The fact that she was also shy and insecure also hindered her attempt to fit in in America. Thus, even though she was a straight 'A' student in Japan, her first paper in Professor Watson's class was a 50%. "You turn twenty-one in less than a year, we can survive until then,"she said.Chapter 24The rest of the band was both shocked and equally supportive of me."If you want to turn that bitch in to the cops, don't worry about us,I'm proud of all my past misdeeds," stated Chloe. "Hell, doesn't sheknow that having a reputation is an asset in rock and roll." "I have to agree with her, Petra. You don't have to be a martyr for us,"added Sofia. I shook my head. "I plan on getting back at her, but if I go. . I took her innocence. I was nineteen at the time, and she thirteen. Six years of separation. What one will realize is that six years can be a very good thing. When I was twenty-five, I was pretty excited about fucking a nineteen year old girl. But that’s another story. At her age, it is absolutely taboo. I will say now, in my defense that she is far beyond her peers in maturity. She was more mature than many college girls. Perhaps that is because high school makes girls into annoying.

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