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“Then you must learn the consequences of disobedience.”His voice was cool but there was perhaps a hint of pleasure in his tone too. I felt him ris... to his feet then heard a drawer being opened. There was a rustling sound then the drawer closed again and I felt James body alongside me. There was a jingling sound alongside my head.A feeling of dread came over me."I tried to be nice," his voice snarled. "But you're making me do this the hard way."There was another movement then I felt his fingers. As we approached the table he saw the two of us getting closer he scooted to the side, not far but just moving like that made it obvious and raised questions in my mind. Questions like, what had he been up to, should I be worried, what was mum playing at, you know, all the usual things that you think of when someone looks guilty.I dismissed my concerns when Ann giggled in my ear at her son’s antics.“He can’t hide anything, can he?” she whispered in my ear.Suddenly I was thinking ‘hide what’ as. 'I'm afraid you will have to stand straight.' She said kindly. 'Just drop your hands by your sides and press your shoulders against the wall. Press your head back that's the way.' Richard reluctantly let his hands drop to his sides, his face blushing as he uncovered himself. He pressed his head, back looking straight at the young nurse as she smiled at him. She moved to his side to take the measurement from the chart. Richard could see the examination table with the young girl laid upon it. She. I paused between each smack telling her how naughty she was and continuing to rub her nipples but pinching them gently each time I smacked her.On the 6th smack she cried out, "I'm sorry miss, I won't do it again .... Oh God I'm cuming, I'm cuming."I gave her another smack, a little harder and felt her shudder violently as she came and it was too much for me and I came in my panties.I continued to squeeze her nipples but now slipped my hand between her legs and rubbed her clitoris through her.

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Sunny Leone Ki Sexy Film Full Open indian porn

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