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"We'll see about that!" She said angrily. Once inside his room she pulledpair after pair of his jocky shorts out of his top drawer, then afterplanting...her hands on her hips she glared at him. "Fibbing as well asstealing huh?" She asked. Kim was standing next to him listening when shecaught a glimpse of some red color that was just barely visable betweenPat's mattress and box spring. "Well well!" She said as she confidentlywent over to his bed and then pulled the two other pairs of panties. So I did what any desperate person would do, I took out an ad in the newspaper. After two weeks I had just about given up on finding one, having interviewed the oddest assortment of “freakazoids” you will ever see. Now, I feel that deserves some explanation. You see, the first person to answer my ad was six-foot, six-inches tall, weighed about three hundred pounds, was wearing a black evening gown, high-heeled shoes and black fishnet stockings. Normally I, size not withstanding, would have. The important thing was that a stranger should come to our house to do some work and my wife should be alone with him. My wife should do some household work during the time the guy did his work. She should be occupied with her work when suddenly the guy comes into the room where she is, walks up to her, take out his hard dick and just use her as he wishes for his own pleasure. When he had shot his big load on or in her he just walks away and continue with his work.My wife told me that she get. Now I know. Sorta, anyway."Mia laughed, "That's the first time I've ever played the part of a princess in distress." She turned her head to look around the room; her extended senses searched the apartment as her more mundane ones checked her immediate surroundings. "Where's Tom?" she asked."He called a little while ago and said that he would be home soon," Dana replied, "He also said that we were going to try to get you out of the city." She gestured toward a few overnight bags that were heaped.

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