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I leaned down and kissed her passionately. She pushed me away gently, and reached down to her abdomen. She held her hand over the large pool of cum, a...d was hesitant; but made up her mind. She placed her hand into the cum, and began to wipe it all over her body making it last as much as it could. I held my cock, and decided to go in for another round. I pushed my limp cock into her pussy, and in a few movements it was hard again. She kept wiping the cum on her belly until it dried to her skin.. "Oh, cuddling cousins. It's good to be close," Sasha said."We know. We're all like sisters, remember?" I asked."I know. It sounded like there was some racket going on in here too. Are you sure everything is all right?" Sasha asked.We were worried for some odd reason. After all, it would be one-hundred percent hypocritical for her to have a problem. Although, we still tried to hide it."We're fine, just having some quality cousin time. That's all," Jenna replied."OK then. Well, see you tomorrow,". ....?HIM:I push aside your thong and expose your sopping wet slit for all my comrades tosee. You grimace, knowing full well that everyone can see the drops of pussyjuice leaking out.? Now, no matter howmuch you say no and refuse and shake your head, it's clear your body isenjoying the torture.?"So slut,I think we all know what you really want now don't we?" I whisper againinto your ear. The men still chanting, "Give itto her! Give it to her!" even as you shake your head in refusal. Theymight. Upon entering the bathroom, Jack found he could just make out the redhead's form through the yellow plastic shower curtain. He paused, watching as Denise bent over to rinse the shampoo out of her hair, before sliding the shower curtain back and stepping into the tub behind her. Grabbing the nearby puff and soap, Jack began slowly soaping up her back."Hmmm... good morning sleepyhead," purred Denise as she straightened up and twisted her head around for a kiss."Morning yourself," yawned Jack.

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