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" the women giggled. "Oh, you mean this?" said Susan, poking her slippery index finger deeply up against my prostate. My eyes bulged in surprise as my...already hair trigger cock got ready to burp a bunch of spermies.Susan fisted my cock tightly trying to distract me with a little pain. The glans is swollen fat and wide, the skin stretched tight, shining with tension and a little KY, bulging beyond the shaft. Susan points out the frenulum, the little strip of skin heading down the underside of my. I couldn't help but stare, she smiled at me sweeping her red hair from her face "all yours..." she said with a smile before walking off.I went into the both and started to get changed into my Spidey suit when I suddenly realised I'd forgot my cricket box that I'd usually wear to help hide my privates. Improvising I stuffed some socks down there, it wasn't ideal but needs must. I started packing my regular clothes away when I noticed a phone ringing, I knew it wasn't mine and looking on the. I continued to drain my cup, even when I suspected my demeanor was changing since my first sip. I was on a 'High', feeling warm and relaxed with a slight buzz, the coffee was the main ingredient, followed by the Brandy, but it had been laced with something else, which was giving me this wonderful buzz, and the longer I pondered their offer, the more drawn I became to the strong unspoken sexual overtones, I began to wonder how many men were in there and the sexual attraction I had for them,. On my way to office I knocked her door and gave her the keys and said ? keep dinner ready or you will have to sleep with red bottom? with a wink and she said ? yes master? with a smile. Her last words yes MASTER was haunting me whole day again I could hardly do some work. In evening when I knocked her door no body opened the door, than I realized there were lights on in my apartment. I knocked on my apartment door, and to my surprise Mrs. Roy opened it. She was wearing a short skirt and tee.

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