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I want to stay hard and thinking about the two beautiful girls I'm spending the summer with." But won't you get ... you know ... blue balls, or" Courtney said. "I'd like to feel you..." We've got to be careful," I whispered conspiratorially. "If Anna comes home and I'm not hard, she'll know you did something."Tuesday morning, Bill and Crystal showed up in time for breakfast. I made a frittata. It was pretty easy, really. I just grabbed the leftover spaghetti and meat sauce that Anna. "I wondered if they intentionally got me an emasculating shot but I just grinned and tried to play it off. Marta and Aaron did several more shots, on my tab of course, while I sipped light beer. Yet again I was shut out of their conversation, and I noticed they were standing closer and closer together, with their hands intertwined. Last call came as a huge relief; I was getting tired of being ignored."Guess I'm gonna call a cab," Aaron said."Don't be silly," Marta replied, "come stay with us. " Okay Sharon," replied Billy as they got in the car, it felt kind of strange to call her by her name, he had always referred to her as Mom since she married his father, even though she was not his real mother.Sharon climbed into the car beside Billy, her short dress riding up even higher and displaying an almost criminal amount of her long legs and sleek thighs. Billy briefly glanced at the impressive view, then started the car up. He gave her bare thigh a fleeting squeeze as his hand moved to. I hugged her tight too and did not leave her embrace. I very well knew that the intention behind my hugging her was not right and it was not to comfort her but to feel her breasts more tightly on my chest.She left the embrace and looked into my eye and asked me straight “do you think I am fuckable”. I was stunned as I felt all that I had gulped in last 2 hrs was a waste. I stammered “what?” She was calm and again asked “do you think I am fuckable”. I again stammered and slurred say “sure. I.

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