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We were much in the same way that you were. I was working at a dead end job with very little money. We were about to lose our apartment and go to the ...omen Shelter to live but for some reason I stopped here first to find out how much the apartment rent was and James took a liking to us and gave us an apartment to live in rent free.”“Apartment?” Kim asked, “You have an apartment you rent out?” “Not just one,” Megan said pointing toward the back of the house, “We own the whole complex behind the. As soon as he pushed it, the boom of the entry door slamming shut reverberated throughout the space.“I think that’s a clue.” John snarked.Adam made his way along the wall to the second button, and as he did so, John rotated on the cube to track him. When John ended up with his knees pointing at his friend, the footprints Adam had to stand on gave off a dim glow. In the room’s total darkness, it might as well have been a strobe light.“What did you do?” Adam asked in amazement.“I’m still sitting. Ripped down her skirt and tore her poor blouse in two. I wasn’t sure who the real animal was anymore. What I did know is that this was happening. I stopped and looked up at Sara. Something was wrong. A few seconds later, it hit me. I ran back across the room snatched up the other item and returned to the bed. I reached up and placed a neat little head band in her hair, serving two functions. The hair band held her blonde hair out of her face and gave her two perky little white cat ears. I then. “God, I’m going to cum,” I moaned. I felt my balls pull up and get ready to release. She was right there and cupped my balls and went all the way back down. “Cassie, I’m cumming,” was all that I could tell her before I shot the first rope down her throat. My head fell back and I let out a final moan of release, satisfaction, I continued cumming down her throat until she pulled back to run her tongue around my cock while I shot the next four into her mouth. “That’s just a little sampling of what.

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