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Look, you can keep me, I’ll do what you want.No this. Please. Let me out of this. Ha, yea, we can do whatever we want. I grabbed her hair and made...a pony tail with a small part at the back of her head. Joan was red in the face and crying, blubbering. I enjoyed looking at her stupid face.Terry used a scissors and started to cut her hair down to the scalp.What are you doing. What is happening. No. OH NO.The hair fell off in clumps. Terry sprayed her shortly cropped hair with shaving. As we were starting earlier, we shared a few drinks in the bar and did some fondling and the girls made promises of a night of fucking I would never forget.When we finally got back to my room it went much the same way as the previous evening except I was serviced from both ends. We started at 22.30 and did not sleep. I must have taken six or seven loads of the sweetest, tastiest cum. The best news, the girls were friends and happy to share me – after each fuck session we lay together and kissed. “I don’t know!”I watched as she began to deflate. I knew she really felt great today about herself and that gentlemen had defiantly had her curiosity going. We didn’t speak about it at all the rest of dinner. That night at home I knew what I had to do. This was a big confidence booster for her and the thought of her being with another man had made me very aroused and also very jealous. I picked up the phone and dial the number on the business card that he given my wife. He answered and we. ”“Do you want to hold mine and stroke it for me?” Xavier asked. There was something different about him, and Caleb began to feel uncomfortable, even as the alcohol inhibited his senses.“No...” Caleb said after a long pause, glancing back at Ashley. “I have a girlfriend. I couldn’t do that, I-I love her. I couldn’t...” “Ah.” Xavier, as if suddenly remembering about Ashley, turned to look at her.Both Caleb and Xavier, in their drunken state, stared at the sleeping girl for several seconds with.

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