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She gave out a startled squirm as I entered her, not sure what to do with herself. In her hand was the garment I'd freed as she flapped against the to... of the water, trying to keep breathing as I pushed in and out of her."I'm... fine..." She gasped. "My bottoms just came untied, turn around for a second."I thrust in and out of her, the ridges in my tentacles causing her intense pleasure unlike any human penis. I slid in and out, driving my organ up and into her, keeping her impaled onto my wide. 30 my father said he was exhausted and was headed off to bed I told him I wouldn’t be up much later myself and wished him a good night.Around 9pm I looked in on my father and he was out like a light as I had no idea what time Jeff would be home I thought I would just head off to bed myself, I went to put on granny nitie as Jeff calls it only to find I had thrown it in the wash so I grabbed one of my short summer nities put on my sleep mask put in my ear plugs and tried to go to sleep, I must. "So far it seems so," I returned. "I find them very intoxicating andaddictive," I answered with a smirk in my eyes."Then we guess you won't be needing us anymore," Alice observed. Asthey disappeared.I sat in my office one evening going through the sales accounts. Mostof them either met or surpassed their quotas. A few hadn't. I looked attheir individual charts on my computer. Mel Leaman continued not tomeet his goals each month for the past year. He would have if he didn'ttry to screw every. "Here is my contribution to dinner" Kathy added, handing me a bottle of chilled wine. By this time the women were on there way toward the back yard, as if I wasn't even present. My mind was still swirling, what the Hell was up. Kathy had NEVER dressed anything like this when she came over. In fact, in all the years I'd known her, she'd never dressed in anything this sexy, at least not that I'd seen. That fact coupled with Lisa's earlier behavior was an indication that these two had cooked.

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