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Now don’t delay. . please. . I need you badly. .I did not care! I tried to touch her pussy thru her panty, all of a sudden I could feel her fluid sp...ashing, splashing (many times). I could not believe! She hugged me so strongly. .I kept my fingers shaking till she finished fully. She opened her eyes, pulled me to her & gave deep kiss on my lips.MIL: OH..God.. My daughter is luckyI: Now, you are also. .MIL: I fully agree. . I never had such a feeling in my whole life.I: Wait, I will show you. Tara screamed and tears started running down her face as she shoved into her tight ass. Together the two men fucked Tara hard and fast. I looked away“I can’t watch this anymore. I’m going to go find out who the hell these men are” I said as I got up.Kimiko and Shiho both jumped up and held me. “No Brad” they both said.Kimiko grabbed my hands and placed them on her breast. “Baby if it bothers you we can do something to take your mind off of Tara.” She said.“Like what” I asked.“Well Brad why. Come on, what could you get for me?"I just sat there and stared at her, stunned by what was happening. I'd never seen my mother naked before and I'd never had an incestuous thought where she was concerned, but the lush body that I was looking at changed all that."Well," mom said, "It looks as though I still have what it takes" and I saw her looking down at my crotch. I sleep naked and all I had put on to come downstairs was a bathrobe and sticking up out of the bathrobe closure was my hard. This time Thomas and Jenny didn’t leave together to play FrisbeeLisa started flirting with Thomas and they soon began fucking again in front of usI looked at Jennifer and she smiledI moved in between her legs to warm her upI tried to give Jenny the same quality licking I had given Lisa the day before; soon she was ready for penetrationShe laid back and I mover inJenny has a beautiful body and a killer pussy. She now keeps it shaved. I stated at it as I moved in with my dickI’m fortunate to have.

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