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He had his controller in his hands and was facing the TV. The sound she’d recognized was his game un-pausing. She’d heard that same sound a few while she’d been down on Matt lately. Apparently he was becoming so used to her blowjobs that he felt comfortable enough to continue playing his game while she’d service him. It was a recent revelation and each time it had made her feel a little cheaper. She’d found herself upping her enthusiasm in response as part of some perverse attempt to win. Now, shirt.”Tears of humiliation and pain are streaming from my eyes as I slowly stand up and begin to take off my t-shirt. I pull it up over my head and hold onto it for a moment before dropping it on the floor. Not knowing what to do next I stare at the floor, waiting.“Jeans.”His orders are short and to the point and I don’t want to get slapped like that again, so I quickly unbutton my pants and drop them to the floor, kicking them away from me. My bra and underwear match, blue and black. I was swimming in uncharted waters. Rachel seemed oblivious to my reactions, and got up and walked to the back door. My eyes secretly followed her perfect ass every inch of the way. Opening the sliding glass panel, she looked out at the pool. “This is really beautiful out here. You guys are so lucky to have your own pool. Must be cool to go swimming any time you want.” “Yeah, it’s pretty neat,” I replied, my eyes still riveted to her ass. Shit. ‘Neat’!? Did I really just say ‘neat’ to her? Man,. Hum kafi thak chuke the, to jai se taise saman room me rakh kar hum so gaye,Sube karib 10 baje hum taiyar ho kar wapis aane ki taiyari kar rahe the, tabhi shilpa ne kaha ek kam kar te hai kuch der tak ruk jate hai aur khana kha kar hi chale, to shilpa ke husband ne kaha muje office ka thoda yaha kam hai me 1 ghante me aata hu or sath me khana bhi lekar aaunga, tabhi poonam muje boli agar tum bore ho rahe ho to bhaiya ke sath jao, hum dono yaha kuch shopping kar lenge, tabhi bhaiya bole nahi.

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