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Dan and Karen watched as the nurse printed out the name tag for their new babies placing them in the slot.“Can we hold our babies?” Dan asked.“O... course you can!” Jean smiled and the nurse brought them Matthew and then Laura.Karen took him from the nurse and tears pooled in her eyes as she went to her love. “Dan, I never thought I’d ever get to say these words to you, this baby boy is our son, Matthew Daniel Hayward.”He wiped the stray tear from her cheek then kissed her. “Thank you, my love.”. Oh how this wasmaking you even more excited then ever. You moaned andsqueezed me, and your breathing got even faster.Finally, you just couldn’t take it anymore. Puttingyour hands on my head, you pulled it down, so that yourhard, swollen nipple was right inside my mouth. It wasso firm and standing up like a tiny cock. So Iimmediately started to suck on it, licking it all overwith my tongue.Well, this was making you almost wild and I wasimagining how wet and swollen your hot, aching. I'm not saying that this was how it really happened but I suspect it's pretty near.Once again I've decided to tell the story from her point of view mainly because that's how I heard it originally.I had been doing this night school course now for almost a year, I was trying to get some qualification in 'Business Management' now that I was in line for a good promotion. There was a great crowd of young people on my course, mostly guys but with a couple of girls too. I would quickly go home from. Arms around me her hands gripped harder as I messaged her back then randomly grabbing her skin and pull only to get a squeak sound inside her body, she appears to be a tough little lady as her hips slow and move in a circle on my lap. Parting lips she takes long breaths as I grab her hair and comment that I was gentle to her only for her to whisper that even with her failed past relationship her kept to wax ropes and whips most of the time, she comments that even during there most randy play.

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