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"Im sorry, i just..." then he paused. "You just what?" i asked. "Can i tell you something just between you and me?" he asked. "Sure," i told him. "W...ll youre all brown and in shape and you do everything right and youre good at everything and it just seems ive got a bit of a crush on you." Holy shit i thought. "And im sorry if that offends you." I scooted over next to him and let my cock do what it wanted to do and it became obvious pretty quick. "Listen," I said. "Ive been watching you since. “I mean, when you wear tight jeans and skirts?” She laughed, “Very carefully.” She slid her legs apart a few inches and reached down to her groin. She stretched the soft flesh down toward her toes and then pushed it underneath her, seating her flaccid cock between the globes of her buttocks. I could feel that her testies were separated to each side of her shaft and could imagine that they look would look like her labia, when she had panties on. “I use body tape to keep it in place and to cover. My guy said man let's stop in here, they have the cheapest drinks in the city from what i here. We went in had a few drinks then bout an hour later we both had more drinks then tended, plus we smoke some erb too! He said' I'm out i'd catch you tomorrow "B". I said cool let me finish my drinks then i'm out too! I went to use the bathroom first then came back to finish my drinks. I haven't notice at first but, when i looked around the bar got full & it was a really funny crowd. I down my drink &. An ass that had never been fucked before. Then, when I was sure she was ready, I grabbed her hips and held her firmly in place. Then I plunged all of my seven inches of man meat into her tight little hole. Kathleen yelled “ouch that hurts” but after a dozen or so more strikes she began to moan in pleasure as I gently fucked her. I started a regular slow rhythm my dick slowly worked its way in and out of her rectum. Kathleen was turning out to be the best ass I ever fucked. She gripped my cock.

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