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She was stunned. I continued rubbing my dick against her ass. Soon, the phone call ended. She went away without saying anything to me, without even no...icing me. I was sure that she wasn’t angry about what I did nor embarrassed, and in fact she didn’t even mind what I did. I thought that maybe she would have sex with me if I insisted. I started following her.She went to the bathroom, and she didn’t close the bathroom doors. I entered the bathroom. I touched her shoulder and she turned over. I. “Oh, wow!” I moaned in pleasure. “You like that?” she said in a conceded tone that showed she was sure of her skills. “Yeah, I love it,” I whispered in her ear. “You'll love this even more!” She said as she slowly moved down and slide off my panties. Her eyes never losing mine. She spread my legs wide open, hugging them and then buried her face between my quivering thighs. She licked in circles, from side to side and stabbed her tongue into my tight opening. “Oh my fucking god! Oh, baby! Right. . it won’t bite!”I did. Warming up to it, I started to play, looking at John in order to see if he liked it. He did. It made me feel excited and I started kissing and licking, wondering at the same time at what I was doing. John said “that’s good… take it in your mouth… come on” and I did, fastening my lips around it while still caressing it with my tongue up and down. I could tell how much John liked it and it made me feel really hot. Pat was still on my back, now playing hard with my breasts,. Once they were fully off, I tossed them to one side and stared at her slim soft tanned legs that led up to a pair of white cotton panties.Barbara kept her eyes closed, as I gently ran my hands up and down, feeling her soft flesh, squeezing her tanned calves and thighs. She moaned softly again and then quickly she lay back, just closing her eyes…After a bit longer, my hands began to creep up her legs, and my fingers gently brushed up the inside of her thighs and began pressing against the white.

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