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Imagining his eyes on her, she pulled her dress slowly over her shoulders, exposing the tanned skin of her back. Sliding her arms out of it, she then ...ulled the dress over the curves of her hips, pushing it down until it silently dropped to her feet. Overtaken by her impulse to seduce him, she stepped out of it and bent to pick it up to place it neatly on the long chair, allowing him a provocative view of her round and shapely behind. She fixed the cups of her purple bikini bra and then ran her. Just for a minute or two.”Connie shrugged and said,”Well it doesn’t taste so bad....”she leaned forward and slid her mouth down over the crown .“Oh yea, oh fuck...just like that.....lick it while it’s in your mouth...oh fuck that’s great!” I groaned as she rubbed her tongue over the head.“Take as much as you can into your mouth.” I urged.Connie pushed her mouth down over my cock until she had half of it swallowed. “That’s it...oh fuck...that’s just start sliding your mouth up. She stood by the table and said,"Come on then. Santa is waiting for his Elf."My cock grew further.Passing me what she had bunched up in her hands, she continued, "You best look after these for a while".It was her panties."My Naughty Elf, aren't you", I responded with a grin."Well, if I am, I wonder what Santa is going to give me?!"We headed towards the members only area. Going through the door, thankfully no one was in there but for Santa, who was sat on a padded bench in the corner of the. Inevitably her mons had been shaved, making her flat belly, and prominent clitoris all the more apparent."She is the daughter of an English slave here, and her father was a visitor from England, though I will not say, and she does not know, whom. She holds a British passport. She is that unusual phenomenon in this country, a twenty-one year old virgin. She is named Shulah, and I give her to you. Her mother's dearest wish was that her daughter could be returned to England, and I believe her name.

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