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Where the championships were played.”“Did you win?”“No. But I played.”“No way.”“I’ve got it on video. It’s on YouTube.” Beth gra...bed my arm and marched me right back toward the house.“I suppose there’s a Tony Ames Channel on YouTube now, right?” she snarled. I stopped and gasped. That thought hadn’t crossed my mind.“Geez! I hope not. Where are we going?”“You’re going to show me. Right now.”I took her into the family room where Dad had downloaded my match against Karl onto our set-top box and I. I tried to be there for her … to give her my time and my love and the things that would make her happy. I didn’t forget her birthday or our anniversary. Maybe I don’t understand. Maybe I didn’t do everything I could have … but I don’t know what I did or didn’t do that would make her unhappy.’ ‘That’s what makes it worse … when you don’t know why.’ she said almost absently. There was a pause for a few moments and then she turned to me again. ‘Would it be different if she had died in a car. “Is there anyone else out there” I asked him “probably a few baby” he moaned in my ear. His long, deep strokes were finally slowing down. I heard a muffled “I’m close” through his heavy breathing.He grabbed my cock and bent me over further. “Together baby” he cried out as he began to furiously wank my cock. I lasted around 40 seconds before I blew a huge load onto the floor, my entire body started to stiffen as I reached heaven. He wasn’t far behind, he shot a hot and creamy load inside of me. None of these were strange or unfamiliar sensations. This was Ajay’s favourite way of waking me up in the morning. You have already heard the story of how I met Ajay and Raja. Of how we had a lot of fun together. Of how those times came to an end. This is now the story of the two years that I continued to enjoy Ajay’s company and his body. After Raja had shifted to Chennai, Ajay would often come up the hill after school on a Friday evening and stay till Sunday afternoon. His favourite way of.

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