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He realized that was why Riley’s voice was so rough- not because he had been screaming, but because he had probably tried to hang himself and it had...damaged his vocal cords. Riley confirmed his suspicions. ‘I tried to hang myself back at that barn, and when Devon found me, I was purple in the face, barely breathing, but very much alive and conscious. He called for a mistress and Raell responded. She was nearby due to having just kidnapped you. She arrived, trussed you up, then cut me down and. Or do something herself when someone else could do it for her. Besides, at this stage, Trina's panties were basically serving as an inefficient sponge.She'd get Tori to wash those for her later. She pulled her knees up, dislodging Cat for a moment as she slid her panties off, tossing them aside.Cat was delighted, if slightly intimidated with this new development. True, the younger girl felt an intense longing to explore this new playground, the strength of which (the longing) surprised her. It. Sarah found Ang in the middle of things with an apron on, her hair tied back and her face with a sheen of sweat. “Thank you so much for such a fabulous night”, she said. Ang looked at her and said, “You know, this is the first time since I started working for the zoo that I actually felt like I was doing something FOR the zoo.” “What do you mean” said Sarah. “Well”, said Ang, “I was hired to take care of the monkeys but I haven’t even seen the yet”. “I’m so sorry” said Sarah. . She moaned as she rested her hands on his shoulders and raised herself, feeling his cock withdraw, and then moaned again as she sank back down onto his shaft, taking it almost all the way in this time, and was thrilled to hear James release a short grunt of pleasure as she did so.“Am I doing it right?” she whispered, and received his nod in return. She raised and lowered herself on him once more, a little faster. Ohhh… It felt so good! Again, faster, and then again...and again. She could.

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