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You say you don't like sex, fine, I will get sex elsewhere."That got a reaction as she looked like a pitiful puppy, biting her lip while sniffling."Wh...t?" Will I be able to ... to lick you? Down there?" As she looked at my crotch."Lick? No."She welled up at my answer getting ready to start bawling I am sure before I finished my retort."No more licking. If you want your mouth near my dick you will be naked and you will suck, not lick. You will suck for my pleasure not yours and never again do I. An, a stout Viet Namese, gave him a Brazilian waxing. When she hadfinished the only body hair left was a small narrow landing strip abovehis shriveled penis. As she was doing his privates, Miss. An kept'accidently on purpose' touching his penis. When due to his humiliationit didn't respond, made very derogatory comments about its small sizeand uselessness. A fact she made public when she escorted him back intothe salon proper."He have little baby dick," she laughingly told the others.Peyton. This way you get punished and you make it up to them for being so mean."He was still holding the second, larger dog on a leash. He led the dog to his chair and sat down. Then he rubbed his soft cock through his pants and they watched the first dog begin to explore the source of the scent that's drawing him in. I felt his cold nose on my pussy and tried in vain to close my legs to him. I tried wriggling around to discourage him. I could hardly move at all.With tears running down my cheeks I. Max groaned, rolling his eyes, and got up from his chair. He lead me into the den, and plopped down onto the couch. He put his hands behind his head and eyed my ass as I sat down. I swatted his leg. "Ow, what's your problem, little sis?" Don't be such a bastard," I rolled my eyes. My brother had a reputation around his school for playing girls, and he always invited his friends to get to his room and masturbate with beer-and of course, mom and dad didn't know."Anyway, blah, blah, blah, blah,.

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