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Her hand felt so good on my cock that I didn’t care how she did it.Suddenly I wanted to cum.“Can you go faster?” I asked.“Sure,” she said. S...e sped up and went back to longer strokes. “Like that?”“Ohhh yeah,” I moaned. “Grip it a little harder.”She did and the tip of her tongue came out of the corner of her mouth as she concentrated.“Is it going to shoot?” she asked.“Yes,” I panted. “Just keep going.”She did and the tsunami arrived. I didn’t even warn her. She knew what was going to happen. I. I was his property, I belonged and would belong to himforever.For days after the procedure, especially in the morning, Mustapha wouldhold my belly in his arms and wish me good morning with a kiss on mycentre of femininity. This had to remind me every day, at the start of theday, that I was his. Every one of those kisses would send waves of pureelectricity through my whole body. They charged the jewel with a spiritualenergy that would then be slowly released throughout the day. While mybrain was. A period by the way, which had been more or less uneventful. On day three, the two of them had a business event of Rodney’s to go to. They would be out for the next several hours and Rebecca was with a friend at the other’s house, some birthday party or other.I wheeled myself over to the stairs and used my arms to push me up and out of my chair. I sat backwards on the bottom step and, using my arms, I propelled myself up one step at a time, there were fifteen of them, all the way to the top. I. She took no comfort in it, however. She felt embarrassed and a twinge of jealousy as she stood there letting them gawk at her. The woman had come forward and joined Him, looking her naked form up and down."I'm sorry to do this, my dear Poppy," He reached into His jacket pocket and removed a silk scarf. Reaching forward, He tied it around Poppy's eyes, blindfolding her."There now," she heard Him say. "Poppy, lead the way to the Playroom."Walking in front of them, naked, she heard whispers and a.

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