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I still have an hour and a half before school is out but I don't think I can wait any longer. At class change, I unroll my skirt, trying to look as in...ocent and pious as possible. I walk boldly to my car (if you act like you're doing nothing wrong, the administrators will assume you are, in fact, doing nothing wrong), and drive out of the parking lot as slowly as I can bear to wait. I have to pee. I've had to for about an hour now, ever since I downed those water bottles at lunch. I haven't. "Oh yes daddy, fuck me hard, so good, Oh I do love your cock in me" she cried, and I fucked her, and fucked her, and fucked her, amazing myself a little with how long I was managing to last in her tight hot pussy, but then I knew I was close to coming, my balls were bubbling and boiling like crazy, my cock starting to swell. Oh god, I suddenly couldn't remember if I'd arranged for her to be on the pill, and I was just about to let fly. I quickly pulled out, hearing her deep groan of. Both girls dressed in almost nothing but wearing a big devilish grin.Piper said, “No wonder my mom likes you so much.” I looked down, and of course, I had an enormous morning boner, and this was not going to help any.I said to Piper, “Please just untie me, nothing will be said to your mom, and I will leave.”Piper just stared at me for a moment, turned and kissed CeCe hard on her lips, as she reached down and ran a finger through the leg band of CeCe’s panties. The two of them began emitting. I hate to think what he would have done had he known my lover was black.We agreed to take counseling and I committed myself to trying to make our marriage work. He swore was going to change jobs so that he would not be traveling all the time and, most importantly, we were talking about having another baby. I was very happy, and excited about trying to get back in touch with the man I loved and had married. I had gone off the pill and our sex life had exploded. We were acting like newlyweds.

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