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So very much." Suzie was so overcome with joy that she had to stop talking and kiss both Russ and Mike firmly on the lips. She felt totally at peace. ...he was content, satisfied beyond her expectations... but Wendy, how was she going to explain this all to Wendy?"Please Suzie let me finish, let me tell you what's really troubling me. Today I did something that just blew my mind. This afternoon... Oh Jesus! How am I going to tell you Mike, how can I tell you! At the Teahouse today Mike, I. Jim still had the sofa, his stereo and the kitchen table, along with his bedroom set. He was going through his closet trying to figure out what clothing to take with him and which to leave behind. He’d asked his landlord to look in from time to time to make sure everything was alright. On his first night alone he decided that he felt himself getting a bit flabby, at least by his athletic standards. His wrist hadn’t allowed for any meaningful workouts. It was still painful—just beginning to. " What's it doing?" Going thump, thump, thump." Good. Do you know what that is?" Uh, Uh." It's my heart. It's an organ or a body part. It beats like that to push blood all through my body. And the blood has stuff in it from this."I tickled his stomach and he giggled."When you eat, all the food goes down into your tummy. It's another organ. It wasn't a total waste. takes all the food and makes it really small, so small you can't even see it. And that food goes in your blood and gets sent all. I heard his soft footstep behind me and the swish, swish, swish of his next toy. Suddenly my back caught fire, or so it seemed from the intense pain. I shouted and then screamed as my butt caught fire. I could feel the whip, or whatever he was using cutting into my skin with each stroke. John said nothing throughout. I screamed and squirmed with every lash. After about ten lashes or so I was ready to agree to anything John wanted. Suddenly there was a break, a bundle of birch twigs was thrown.

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