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Whatever the reason, CiCi was allowed to discover her own sexuality from a mental age of thirteen, although with a grown-up, sensitive body and an ini...ially interested owner. This may account for some of her charming innocence, although she has learned and matured a lot along the way.Like many fembots intended for the gentler sports, CiCi is gorgeous. She arrived modestly dressed, wearing a long-sleeved blouse buttoned up high enough to only show her gold medallion hanging high around her neck.. I have played with fire, and it was stupid of me to think I could come out of it without a burn. All of the signs, I have ignored them or I've translated them to something meaningful, something I could cope with. The truth was, Samer was always a guy who'd go to long lengths just to prove a point and control my life. This time he went even further by proving me that I have zero power of what happens to me. But what Samer forgot all about is the kindness of a stranger that comes when it's most. Well that was a huge releif and I just lookd at her and lifted the book and my Cock and balls were in full desplay for her to see..I showd her the picture in the book I had of a naked Man and Girl and she said , O' you like sexy read . I was stund and sat up on the pillow and held my balls and cock and said , Im surprised you didnt run out of the room , You are very cute and i dont want to get into trouble here . She blushd and said , I see naked Men a lot sometimes in the place I live and Like. It all started to happen about a year ago when i seemed to notice the signs but as a guy you think am i reading them wrong ?it was a lush bank holiday end of may so my wife was going away on a hen do with a friend from work 100% trust the wife and i think she the same with me all us men have a look but i kind of stay away from touching so after managing to get my sister to have my k**s sleep over me and a few of the footy boys decided to hit the strip in swansea not being out for a year or so.

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