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He pushed the elastic band of his bathing suit down low on His hips and released the exquisite object of my devout worship, then He raised my left leg...and wrapped it around his hip while he forced His long hard cock between the folds of my pussy. It was divine to feel Him part my thick lips and claim the cunt that is already His. My Master is also quite devoted to the ever persistent query of the depth of my desire. Once fully sheathed in me He whispered softly in my ear, "If My sweet. He wasn’t sure but he swore he saw a flash of annoyance from her. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ‘Why would Ryan lie to us? If he knows Jared why would he keep it from us?’ Alin was upset with the fact that Ryan could lie to her. He was like her brother and yet all this time he hadn’t told her the truth. Just what is going on? Hallie was furious more than upset. ‘I know and to think we trusted him…god why would Jared suddenly come back? He’s not that sort of person to go to a place if there’s no reason. Everyone's schedules have been crazy so finding time to relax was hard but finally all of our schedules matched up.I, being a healthy male, am pretty much ready to go but my 2 pets need some liquid encouragement even though they both want to be with me in bed. So after a few hours of drinking, things loosened up but it was still up to me to get the ball rolling.So I just took it upon my self to hop into bed and wait for my ladies. One at a time they would come check on me and we would exchange. “I will help you.”“Will you really?”“I’ve done a lot of shaving,” he said. “I’m good at it.”“Have you shaved women ... there?” she asked.“It’s no different than shaving my neck,” he said. “Don’t you worry your pretty head.”Which is how she ended up lying on the bed sideways, with her knees at the edge of the mattress and her lower legs hanging, while he sat on a chair between her spread thighs with his own razor and shaving cream. He had little trouble reducing her bush to a landing strip. When.

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