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He pulled on the rings as they walked, and at first, she gasped, but as he stretched them out further, her gasp turned into a whimper which turned int... a cry. By the time they reached the library, she was sobbing, and his cock was hard. As they stood in the doorway, he didnt release the rings, but he moved around to her front, crossing his arms and pulling her into the room. He shifted his grip so that the thumb and pinkie of his right hand were holding the nipple rings, and he dropped his left. I just didn’t want to risk anything screwing up this trip or my plans for Moira, or how Moira felt about me — anything named Shelly. I was pretty sure Moira wasn’t upset about Nurse Shelly, but she had offered me something very special. I felt like, at least between now and then, I owed it to her to be faithful to her. ‘Oh,’ Moira said dejectedly. I was torn in half. I was trying to protect Moira by protecting myself from Shelly. I’d seen the two together. If Moira knew that wasn’t true, Shelly. . perhaps for the wrong initial reasons, we’re here now at maybe just the right place! This is the first time since we returned here ... home, that I’ve really felt hope! But I feel dread here too, and I can’t help but tremble at Mother’s call. There are prices to be paid for directly speaking to her and so much here has already gone terribly wrong, the mistakes that Lydia ... and myself have made, that the retribution, or call it more properly her judgement upon us, and perhaps the entire. The next time she went to study in groups I borrowed a truck from a friend and grabbed a spotting scope from my hunting gear and waited beside a gas station across from the school. I watched her group exit the building, break up and leave. My wife put her books in her car, walked over to the Jag the owner who appeared to be late 20s or early 30s opened her door, kissed her then got a quick feel of her boobs and ass. They went to the fast food place across from the school grabbed some sodas then.

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