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Intrigued I press the button for the first time...your thighs shake as u let out a soft moan, your hand slides up my thigh and traces the outline of m... cock through my shorts.Over the next half hour this continues....everyday chat intermingled with filth, as you return from the toilet you slide your finger into my mouth asking me to taste you, before grabbing my hand and leading me out of the door. We walk to a nearby forest and where you lean back against a tree and start kissing passionately.. ” She almost screamed it at me.“Okay she is, but I don’t need the publicity. Why did she give my name to the press,” I said.“She needed a scapegoat. It’s as simple as that,” Lucy informed me.“Bitch, you could have stopped her?” I asked.“Nobody can stop Tasha. She is a force,” Lucy said. “She has the money and the contacts. Soon she will have her own money, so she won’t even need to pretend to be a dutiful daughter.”“Okay, anyway you own the house on the hill,” I said. “Aka the spa.”“Mason will. Maria laughed. She’d been watching him, and considering how damn smart she was, could probably read his mind.“It’s a rare thing to enjoy someone’s time so, my student. Enjoy it while you can. You—”Both of them stood up as a noise echoed through the tunnel and into the dome. Matthias groaned, grabbed a broom, and headed toward the noise, but Maria held up a hand, and clicked on a few things with her computer mouse with the other.More noises, and this time he recognized the sound of bending and. Many saw him, saw his “face”, but it was far from the most terrifying thing on this night. Upon entering the warehouses, first came the confiscation. With guns pointed at their heads and monsters surrounding them, the people were stripped of their belongings. Though, considering they had been taken from their beds, there wasn’t much to take. All they had were the clothes on their backs, maybe some jewelry.Then their heads were shaved. The men struggled to put up a brave front, but the women and.

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