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Oru chairil amarnthu kodu irunthaal, naanum avalai sight adithu kondu oru irukaiyil amarnthu kondu irunthen. Aunty ennai vaitha kangal edukamal paarth... kondu irunthaal, avaludan aval paiyanai vaithu kondu irunthaal.Aunty vayathu 32 irukum, aval ilamaiyaaga thaan irunthaal aval kanavan matum avaludan illai enbathu matum enaku theriyum. Aunty sirithu neram amarnthu vittu kilamba aarambithaal, aunty nadanthu selum pozhuthu oru paperil en mobile numberai ezhuthi vittu athai keezhe poten, aunty. ” Tara purred, putting her hand on mine.“What's going on here?” I asked nervously.“Look, I don't let just anybody in here, just for one lousy interview, for a college project...” Tara continued. I swallowed and felt a knot tie in the pit of my stomach.“I look into everybody who asks for an interview...I ask around, find things out...certain...secrets...” she said rather seductively.“And very few people can or will tell you this, but I am a very, let's day, adventurous person...”I felt nervous.. A couple of strokes later she started to lick the entire length of my dick too. I can’t describe in words how good that was feeling. She took the head in and slowly the whole length. Her head was bobbing up and down on my dick as I neared my orgasm.She took the entire length in, kept it there and played with my balls. She did something with her throat or her tongue, pressed my dick tight and played with my balls. This threw me over the edge. I came inside her mouth. She swallowed it whole. Did. Maa vallu ravadaniki inka 4 days varaku raru ameni yelagaina dengalani anukunna, aa roju nyt malli bayakocchi chusa ame edo pani chesthundi. Valla attha ame pillalu oka room lo padukuntaru thondaragane padukuntaru ame anni panulu chesukoni padukuntadi. Nenu alage alage chusthunna ameni ame nighty vesukundi, ame vongi edo pani chesthundi appudu ame sallu chusa ame sallu peddaga unnai, chala bagunna sagam kanipisthunnai ala chusthu akkade undipoya. Ame nannu chusi ventane paiki lechi sardhu kundi.

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