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‘Yes, lots of funny things happen in your first pregnancy, I’m sure it’s just a temporary thing. Come on, lets go inside and leave the men to un...oad the car. We’re all hungry.’ ‘Oh Guy’s made something to eat,’ Jo said. ‘Bloody hell,’ said Mike laughing, ‘doctors tomorrow then!’ Guy laughed, ‘It’s all right dad, Jo supervised. I think everything is in the right place.’ ‘I’ll just get the things we need then join you. You go in with them Guy, I’ll be in in a minute.’ So we left Mike outside and. I quickly brush out my long blonde hair using the hand dryer to dry it out. Some women walk in and chuckle as I am bent over at the waist to get it completely dry. My dress isn’t too bad anymore, still a bit damp but it will have to do. I step into a stall and remove my panties, knowing that he loves to take me hard and fast. I stuff them into my pocketbook. Ok ok, now how do I look? Oh much better. My dark blue dress does not look wet, I know that all I am wearing is a garter and stockings, my. Linda in keeping with her current sense of sluttiness began to lick the cum from Toms cock, adding, was that good for you honey? Tom was quick to reply, hell yes. Linda continued to lap up Toms cum adding, this would be much easier if you shaved and there wasnlt any hair to interfere.Tom replied, I'd eat your pussy a lot more if you shaved as well.Linda smiled saying, really... she slipped her knickers to the floor to reveal her smooth pussy, continuing, I told you it was a big thank you. Tom. I waited for him to get comfortable and when he was looking sleepy I slid off the couch and dropped to my knees, while grabbing for his zipper at the same time. I whipped out his cock and looked at it as it grew bigger and bigger. it had to be at least eight nches. I leaned in and put my lips around his already precumming cock. He grabbed the back of my head and moaned in pleasure. Apparently I give a good blowjob. I continued to suck his cock for about twenty minutes. I was in another world. I.

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