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.. cum on my cock ... cum all over me" I groaned into her ear as I nibbled on her lobe. I struggled to stay inside her with her pussy muscles attempti...g to expel my cock from its grasp.It all started an hour again when both of us were caught in an icy downpour whilst walking back to our hotel. We were absolutely soaked to the skin by the time we got back to the hotel foyer, only to discover that the power was out, and we had to walk the stairs in our sodden shoes to get to our rooms.Fiona was. Which, you know, feels good, but then I have trouble hiding all my cum, which is a lot, so...Amber (salivating): So like, how much cum? Kate: Bucketful's, just an ungodly amount. Enough to fill several mugs, easy. And not a small one either, like the ones you see at a German bar. Amber: Wow, how do you even have that much cum in you? Kate: Right, well, on top of being a futa, I also have overactive testicles. These swollen, massive things, like softballs, just constantly churning out more. “Gawd, Susie, what’re you doing?” I gasped, shocked at finding her there.“I couldn’t sleep Danny,” she whispered back softly. “You don’t mind do you? I’ll leave if you want.”Leave? No way was she leaving. I put my arms around her and pulled her back closer to me, she was naked with not a stitch on and I was aroused and rock hard for her. We ended up screwing that night and every other night that followed. After everyone was asleep Susie would creep quietly down the hall to my room and get into. "It's Okay to feel it, Maggie," Ed said." You always wanted to feel one and now is the time to check it out." Slowly Maggie raised her hands up and wrapped them around Tony's cock. She slowly rubbed her hand on it, and it grew into a 10-inch black throbbing hard on. Maggie's eyes were glued to it as she ran her hand on it and started jacking it. Her mouth was slowly opening as she jacked faster on Tony's cock. "Kiss it Maggie," insisted Ed. "Give Tony's cock a big kiss." Maggie leaned her head.

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