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Her lustrous blonde hair had been piled high on her head, and as the light shone through it, it picked up the highlights making them shine like burnis...ed gold. The driver stared at her face. Her alabaster like skin shone with an inner translucence. Her eyes glittered, their gold paint seemingly reflecting in her hair. Even her lips reflected her dress, with an ivory sheen painted over her full pout."Ready?" I said, enjoying the effect I had given the driver and noting its full effect on his. And so that morning, she hadn't gone to school. For the first time in her life, she'd just lay in bed, and listened to her parents fighting. Well, fighting was hardly the word for it - her mother was simply debasing her father, who seemed to be grovelling in apology, and barely concealing how much he was enjoying his punishment.This went on for a few hours - there was nothing that Trisha could say, no term of abuse that was too far, nothing that Roger didn't lap up, while all the time crying. "That's all right. You could have gone on. I could tell you were relaxing very well, enjoying it. This is going to be easy for you, but hard at the same time; hard because you're going to have to learn to let go and flow with those feelings, let go and not be in control all the time. That's one of the secrets to relaxing."Roger sighed. He did feel more relaxed than he had in weeks. He looked at the clock on her desk and the impatient attorney indoctrinated into billing his time in 15 minute. Still, she wasn't the only one coming up with ideas. The three of us were sitting around the fire one evening, just as the sun was setting. Julie said she had to go to the bathroom, and got up. We'd intentionally put our "bathroom" - a hole in the ground - where we could see everything, so Adam and I watched her go over and stand over the hole, legs spread, squatting. He leaned over at me, stroking his cock, and said "Have you ever watched someone taking a dump before? It's kind of weird,.

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