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..........Not too sure about Darrens roll, as he sat by Lesleys side watching a close up , of my hands cupping her breasts, and kneading her ass in a ...ay she was not used to, i motioned to him, to stand behind Lesly, as she pulled my foreskin up and down my throbbing helmet , i pulled her cheeks apart to let her tiny panties slip into her crease, leaving her ass cheeks completely exposed, i nodded to Darren, who put his hands round onto her breasts that were in need of more than my tongue, he. Anyway, he was quite old. He reminded me of my father. I learned later he was from Austria. Of course at first I thought he meant Australia, and he was a bit annoyed with me about that, but I made it up to him! Anyway, the next day he was there again, and we smiled at each other. And the third day he spoke to me, and my friends left us alone together, and he asked me for a date.” “And you said yes?” “Of course! He took me to a nice restaurant, and then he asked me if I’d ever been to a. He tongue fucked my cunt till my cunt ooze juice profusely. I said, “Bonty, I cannot take it any more, I am going to cum”. Hearing that Bonty pushed me back and sat on his lap facing him. He then started to suck my tits. His cock touched my cunt face. I was eager to put it in. But then Maya got up and asked all of us to move to the bedroom. There we all climbed on the bed. It was a double bed. But Maya asked both men to sit there. Then she put two pillows on their back and they rested on the. She knew he would not stop before he came in her, and she felt the tears flooding from her eyes, the blindfold getting ever damper.After over ten minutes she heard him moan, he thrust as far into her as he could, and she felt something flooding her. She knew he had cum inside her, but even then, he stayed where he was, his cock buried deep. She could feel his chest heave as he lay on top of her, spent. Slowly, his cock softened and slipped out of her pussy, leaving the evidence of his rape.

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