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O had called looking for me to help her out with hanging a big mirror on her wall and that she needed someone strong to do it. Me being such a nice gu..., I agreed to go over and help her out for a little while. Now as an inside scoop, Mrs. O is this gorgeous blonde, has a great body, and has the sweetest personality. She is about forty-five years old, has two kids, and is married. We have been neighbors for a while now and every time I see her, I always give a quick glance at her figure. ‘Hey. Because, my father may notice.She began to put napkins on the chair.I took my dick out from my pants again.I spit in my hand and started to masturbate.Ohh.. your these heels make me crazy.I was masturbating.And, I was watching her heels.Ohh..I want that foot and heels.Be patient, uncle.They'll be yours now.She sat down on her father's boss chair.I sat opposite of her. I wasn't ashamed of her now. I was openly masturbating staring at her legs and feet.My dick was up.And, it was stiffer and. My tongue ravaged the insides of her pussy and I began to taste hungrily at her juices. “Shittt!” she exclaimed as both her legs began to curl up in position.She pushed me more inside and I almost suffocated. My mouth was inside her, my tongue dwelling inside tasting her fluid and stroking what could certainly have been her G-spot. I pushed myself up on her belly and my tongue began to play with her navel and the tattoo from pussy till navel.Then I positioned myself on top of her my dick lying. “We need two complete outfits, one for each of the girls. However, when you work on Bitch you will notice that there are various, uh, marks on her body. I can assure you that how they came to be was consensual, but if you think that’s a problem for you we will happily ask someone else or go somewhere else without any hard feelings.”Okay, consensual was a bit of a stretch. Well, maybe more of a lie. But by now I was sure Bitch would go along with the lie.“Not a problem, sir. I’ve only worked.

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