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After getting safely at home, and as I lie in bed, I began to think about what all had occurred this day. Part of me felt like I had been assaulted, y...t, it gave me different feeling in which I actually enjoyed them seeing me, humiliating me, forcing me to do things, and the finger in my rectum actually felt good. As I thought about it, I wet my finger in pushed it in past the ring of my rectum into it’s inner depths. Now this was at a time, where homosexuality wasn't accepted as things are. Unconsciously aunt’s left hand started to play with her left nipple and she was uttering some sounds from her mouth. Manisha on seeing this moved to her right boob and planted a kiss on Anju’s nipple. The moment she touched it Anju just moaned a little loudly.Now Manisha took both her boobs and started to play with them, my aunt was getting hot now as she started to moan quite often. We were now very much sure that she won’t come to know if we were in the room. So we moved in and sat on the. Came back home in May, then a year later we're there again on a three month deployment. Sent to that kharzy of a place again in November two thousand and six, with another Christmas away from the family. Then bugger me, six months after coming home we get deployed to that shithole of a place Afghanistan. Fucking Helmand! As if we hadn't had enough of being shot at and mortared and car bombed in fucking Basra."He drank from his pint, the anger plain to see on his face. "Now here we are again,. Todi der bad mere miss ne dekha ki 3 aunty baju me kadhi ho ke dekha rahi he our vo sex nahi karana chahati. vo dar rahi thi ki usake husband ko pata chala to kya hoga .usane green kurta and black jeans pehini thi unke kurte me se unke braa ka shape dikh raha tha kya sexy lag rahi thi, vo in 3 aunty me sabase sexy thi unaki age 33 hogi and size 39 28 43 hogi, uanke Ass kya sexy lag rahe the mera to land uanko dekh jor se pump karane laga meri land pe jo dusari aunty strokeLaga rahi thi uanko.

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