I put it in the paper and waited and soon I got a few hits and a few really made me excited. One was a guy 18 athletic and was 8” and the other was ...1 and 10” and both looked good. Both lived close by, so I set it up and invited both to come over to my house on Saturday around noon and sent them a picture of me dressed like a sissy. They both wrote back and said they would be there, so I waited for the weekend. Saturday started so I got in the shower and shaved everything. I got out a few. There were perhaps twenty other girls standing around all looking the way she felt, embarrassed and abused.? No one said anything, each girl seemed wrapped up in her own despair.? Margaret found her own section of fence to lean against and finish out her crying.? Her tears struck the parched soil below.? If she kept it up there would be a puddle.? The air was filled with sobbing, whimpering and full on wailing.? ? ? ? ?But it didn't last long.? ? ? ?Margaret felt her eyes start to drupe.? In. As the tongue hit Ricky's hard 6 incher, Ricky sighed, it felt so good.Will and Steve had just arrived. Ortez pointed to the monitor. The three watched as Brian slurped at a guys dick.Will shook his head, "So McKee is a gay boy, huh?"Steve said, "The sick fuck! And I've showered with his faggot ass!"Brian's head bobbed up and down, his cheeks sucked in, he was taking care of another cock, the fourth and last one. This one was a dripper, slimy lube leaked into Brian's mouth. Brian didn't care. ‘I know you want to. Use our bed. I’ll sleep in Alicia’s room. It’s a double bed. You won’t mind squeezing me in just for one night, will you Alicia dear?’ I wondered for a moment whether Wendy had any sexual designs on Alicia (and also whether it would have bothered me if she had) but I knew her well enough to be able to see that it was simply the practical woman in her that had led to the suggestion. So they shared a celibate bed while Florence was mine to enjoy all night and in the morning. .

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