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The rest was like slow motion, his pumping into her, her pawing and gripping his arms, his passion and dominance, her wrapping his legs around his wai...t and cumming again, helpless but in ecstasy. She felt so dirty, having let this stranger violate her so easily, yet she couldn't take her eyes off his enormous member thrusting relentlessly in and out her soaking snatch. Beth wanted so badly to taste it, to pull him out of her, wrap her fingers round the throbbing girth, smother the head and. It was one of the conditions Milla had inserted to use as a bargaining chip. Diane had initially protested. Milla simply asked how much she wanted and agreed. Diane was very smug about that until she discovered that she was expected to pay the same amount to me while I had the children with me. Since I would have them for the greater part of the year, Diane would suffer a net loss, so that was hurriedly reversed.I set about establishing the routine for the children, using my position in work to. ." Yes. Mine forever. So relaxed. So very, very relaxed. Heavy. So wonderfully heavy." Her arms slipped from around my neck and hung limply by her sides. "Sleep is coming. You can't resist... you don't want to resist, do you?" She made a little noise. "And now, there is only my voice. Everything else has drifted away. Only my voice. Only my eyes. So relaxed. So sleepy. Submit and obey."Her eyes widened for a moment in recognition. "Yes," she mumbled. "Submit and obey. Submit and obey." So very,. "Do you forgive me?" She smiled as Pattiestepped onto the porch and hugged her."Of course I do, honey," replied Pattie. "Although I will have topretend to be upset with the liberties you took. I can't thank youenough for looking after Linda while I was away. By the way, where isshe?" Oh, she's hanging around somewhere," replied Beth with a not so innocentgrin."Don't worry, I have her locked in the cage. She's blindfolded andgagged but I had Heather sneak down to watch her. She's safe. .

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