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.."?? ? ? ? "After I found you wandering the streets, I did a little research on you. I have some friends in Juvie Hall. They provide models for me fr...m time to time. Your record says they made you eat shit! But is says you provoked them! That is was your fault."??? ? ? ? The drugs were starting to take effect. His face was twisted in agony??? ? ? ? "I didn't do nothing. They just. They just did terrible things to me. They pissed on me and made me...and..."?? ? ? ? "You wouldn't ever want to go. .... then he grabbed it smells again. Are you a foot person? He said I might be if they all looked like yours. I said... does your girlfriend have pretty feet? I don't have one. Jokingly I said well I'll be your gf how's that......he stood up right in front of me and said If your mine then proove it and pulled his dick ( already hard) and told me to suck it" " " . Omg!!!!! I said young man have you ever done something like this? He said it don't matter and leaned down to kiss me, his face got. She would not wear panties at all.That fucking black tattoo artist did not like panties…As we entered the tattoo parlor, I noticed there three black customers chatting with Brutus, the owner and artist, while he was drawing on the bare belly of one of them. This guy was lying on his back, naked from waist down.Anita whispered when she stared at his huge black snake lying deflated between his thighs. The damn thing was even bigger than mine at full attention…Brutus smiled at me and asked Ana. " he replied.She then arose from the bench and took his hand. A soft glow appeared onHer other hand revealing a rose and what appeared to be a leather boundjournal."Thy spirit is that of a muse. The journal pages art blank and for thyuse. The Rose is but a simple reminder of Me. When the times seem darkand hope seems far away, look upon the Rose and think of Me." she said.He then deeply bowed to Her."I am much honored. I will cherish your words and these gifts forever."he said crying.She drew.

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