It was so luxurious compared to her suburban tastes and, “wow, just look at the size of that flat screen TV,” she said as Jim followed her into th... room.He dropped the bags and without hesitation immediately picked up the remote and switched on the massive set. The screen instantly came to life and a pleasing low pitched humming sound immediately filled the room. It sounded very familiar to the same muted sounds that they had heard in the lobby, the sound that had told Jim that as soon as he. Aaron moans and woggles as he feels his face lose its flexibility as the fat around his neck and below his chin expand and fill in his thin beard.Ian stands with a naked boner as he watches his roommate gain weight in no time at all, thickening him up more and more. Then, just as suddenly, he aims his finger onto the circle-arrow icon on the screen and taps it, thus reverting Aaron back to size.Aaron’s dramatically obese body suddenly shrinks back down, making him stagger and huff out a breath. My cock only got harder as her mouth went lower and lower down my shaft. Rita’s mouth began moving faster and the sensations were incredible. By now I was as hard as I was going to get, so I told Rita “put it in your pussy honey”. Rita got up and straddled me on the chaise lounge, and then she lowered her body down until my cock met her pussy. Rita leaned forward and we exchanged a deep kiss as I felt my cock going into her pussy as she lowered her body down my shaft. Before I knew it, she was. How would your two wives react to knowing that you fathered a baby with another man's wife; and a white female at that?A. They would be very angry! But my wives will not know of this. They are in Zambia. Not Kenya. They are busy with my babies, and have no time to consider other matters. This is the way our culture, and our beliefs are.Q. So, how did things go between you and Mara? Was the sex good?A. It was very, very good sex. Mara was a very enthusiastic young woman. We had many fucks! Many,.

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