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Legs eventually wrapped around his waist and the chair pushed up against a wall; a product of his hard thrusts. A rhythmic thumping could be heard wit... the chair being driven against the wall. “Oh my god daddy,” Shanda shouted suddenly. Jacob held on as she convulsed in the chair. A tearing sound interrupted her groans and then the side of the recliner fell off. She went with it, sliding off his cock with a laugh. “Damn it,” Jacob said in utter fear as he knew his father would flip out over the. He pulled out a bit and shoved in again. This time my labia were released and he slid in a little further. The stretching of my insides was a little uncomfortable at first, but as he withdrew and pushed, more and more of his dick disappeared inside.It actually felt as though he was reaching all the way to my heart. I felt so full.I didn't want to cry out for fear I would wake my husband sleeping a few feet away.We screwed for about an hour or more. When the first orgasm hit, my body started. Nut cases loved malls. ‘Are you sure you don’t want me to take you home?’ Her voice broke him out of his bleak thoughts. ‘Your home?’ The grin was wolfish even though a trifle unsteady. ‘Men,’ she sighed in mock disgust. ‘Two minutes ago you were on death’s door and now you’re a pig. And you went after Sam for doing the same thing you’re doing.’ She shook her head. ‘Maybe I should call you a hypocrite, Nicholas Saint.’ ‘Hey, whoa. Wait a minute.’ He moved cautiously at first and then more. ...Nikki had already shown me her scene from one of the films she had been in. She played a receptionist at a health farm who gets fucked by a businessman arriving for his day of ‘pampering’ (ho ho!) and I wanted to see and know MUCH more about how you get to do what she did. I kept asking her and Nikki refused to talk much more about it other than to list the things she’d done in the 10-12 films she been in. Then, one night when we were having sex, she asked me if I had ever done anal. I said.

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