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I had to pee first and she asked if she could watch. “Sure, I don’t care”“Can I hold it while you go?”“If you want, never had anyone help ...e pee but go ahead”She took my cock in her hand and aimed it at the toilet and I started peeing. The coffee had left me with a full bladder so I was pissing like a racehorse and she said “Damn! I can feel it going right through your dick…kinda cool; I’ve never held one peeing before either”When I was done she said “I’ve gotta go too” and sat down on the. He smiled fondly at the small kitchen and the comfy old sofa.“So that’s where you filled up Alyssa’s belly for the first time?” Sparks purred lustily.John groaned. So much for taking his mind off sex!Sparks leaned over to Calara and whispered something in the gorgeous brunette’s ear. Calara giggled and nodded, before Sparks sauntered over to the sofa and plonked herself down in a very ungraceful way.“Hey baby, come over here and suck my cock!” she said gruffly, with a fake-masculine. He pinched her nipples."Baby!" he gasped. "What a mink you are! You ain't the stuck-up little bitch I thought you were."He crushed her in his arms, rubbing his chest against her tits. He slipped a finger up under her bikini panties and into her cunt.Cindy almost came. Her fuck juices ran into Buck's hand."Oh, Buck!" she breathed. "I wanna suck your cock. I want you to fuck me!"He shoved her to her knees. As she pulled down his briefs, he sucked the juices off the finger that had been up her. ”“Dunno about that,” Susan tittered. “Ever’body thought I was gonna kill Jason, but I was the one that passed out ... I think they’ll do just fine...”Cindy’s turn:Perhaps I shouldn’t, but I roughly partition “work” into four categories: work-work (engineering), lab-work, teacher-crap, and research (e.g., Los Alamos). Thankfully, a lot of that can be done from anywhere, so long as there’s a working Wifi.And there’s flying, but that’s not work, unless it’s transporting a field crew, which is the.

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