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He took hold of her skirt and rucked it up, revealing her long slim legs. Settling back into the seat, he ran a hand slowly up her thigh until he felt...the silky touch of her panties. Slipping a finger in between her legs, he pushed it against her and felt the moistness. ?Keep your eyes on the road,? he ordered, as he caught her husband watching them in the rear view mirror. ?We don’t want any accidents, do we??For the next hour he sat gently rubbing her pussy through the thin material as they. Ninnu alagaina padaiytalni aduru chusa , inni rojulu pattindi ” . Ee maatalu vinangane inka naaku poorthi permition vachindani thanani gattiga hug chesukunna , mottamodati sari tha dondapandu lanti pedalani naa pedalatho kalipesi rhana nadum chuttu vathutu chinnatha ninnu appatiki vadalanu inka neeku mogudu ledani digulu vaddu , kathilanti kurragu neeku , nee andaniki nyayam cheyadaniki vaxhadu ani thana sarry teeyatam modalu petta , thanu door lock cheyamandi . Ok ani door lock chesa . Thana. I leaned toward him, my body hunching over his as I rested my forehead against his shoulder. “Joe,” I whimpered as continued to work his magic on my sweet spot. “Come on baby,” he coaxed, his breath hot against my ear, “I'm almost there. Let go.” My orgasm rushed over my body, making me shake lightly as my movements stilled, Joe's hips still thrusting as I wrapped my arms around his back, burring my head in the crook of his neck in an attempt to muffle my moans. I felt him twitch inside me,. Stay put, we'rebreaking camp and will be there within an hour." Okay, I'll wait here for you and just take in some sun," came thevoice from his cell."Don't get too comfortable, Lunette. We wouldn't want you to burn!"Park said, laughing. "We'll see you in a few minutes."We began milling about, re-packing our packs and slowly heading downinto the wooded valley. As we reached the meadow, the Captain'scommunicator caused us all to turn. "Did you see it?" the voice asked,it was Lunette's.Our group.

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