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“Sorry sor, I’ll concentrate. She’s very pretty.” He was fishing.“Yes, and she’s mine. Still, a third of the merchants have deserted our f...undering ship eh? I’ll lay a Funta to a Ting [a pound to a penny] that they didn’t all feel the need to take wives and daughters as well, there may well be recruits for a new – up market – whore house for non-commissioned officers if we survive. Or you may wish to persuade – and I DO mean persuade – someone to join you alone. Are you married Sergeant?”“Ar,. Pehlay kabhi koi larki nahi dekhi kia? Main bola dekhi toh hai lakin pari jaisi larki nahi dekhi yeh sun ker us ne aik sexy si smile di.phir main ne apni bike start ki aur woh meray peechay baith gayi. Main intentionally thoda sa peechay ho ke baitha tha. Joon hi woh meray peechay baithi us ke boobs meri back se touch huay. Mujhay bada maza aya main usay school chornay ghar se nikal pada.rastay mein main jaan boojh ker hard brakes lagata jis se woh aik dum meri back se chipak jaati. Kafi baar. . you know, the four Cs.” Cut, color, clarity, carat weight.“So the fakes are spotted right away ... a confrontation. Could turn bloody.”That wouldn’t help in the Meriwether investigation. I frowned, thinking my butt off. Determined to puzzle it out on my own. “Okay, I give.”He said, “We sell fake diamonds to the Meriwethers. Good fakes, expensive fakes.”I shook my head, the slow pupil again. “Of course! The fakes go to the compound. From there the Nazis take them to the Jews. Who aren’t. She removed my jeans and took out my dick. She was stunned to see my 7-inch cock.She wanted it so bad that she started sucking it right away. She is a pro I should say. She sucked me real good. She sucked my shaft and my balls. I was going to cum and she said she wants to take it in her mouth.I gave it all in her mouth and she drank it like a pro. Then we lied down on the bed cuddling each other naked for about half an hour. During that time, I was massaging her boobs and kissing her neck,.

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